stars and stripes...

just caught up on my ironing
let there be light!...

my new light box which doubles as a nice ambient lamp and triples as a heat source.
Carrie Marill...

I found Carrie Marill on But Does it Float where they had posted all from her 'Visual Aides' series from last year. I fell in love with this one of a shipping yard, not least because there's a plane morphing into a killer whale...

I had a trawl through her past work and found that she varies a lot from project to project - but so much is very great...



screen-printed cards now in my shop :) they could even be bought as mini prints - the photo really doesn't do justice to how super they are (if I do say so myself)


gnocc-gnocc-gnocchi on heaven's door

this one's for you Robert...

as promised, Robert and some country walking.
on Wednesday I saw Robert and Richard's childhood home. we ate some terrible cake, conquered Blackford hill like the real men we are, then ate some great cake. we rescued the pumpkin gnocchi recipe Arild sent us from disaster and ate so much our tummy's were full of rocks. we were certain Tesla didn't invent a cloning machine.
on Thursday we made some miracles happen and discovered a real cloning machine. the sun put his hat on and we climbed another hill.
we ate a lot more cake besides. and some japanese curry. and went to the best pub in Edinburgh (or possibly the world) with the ever-awesome Jez and Lizzy. Robert took some fantastic photos. he can take photos of me any time he likes.
mostly the b/w photos are Robert and the colour ones, me.

this is Robert... robertphoenix.co.uk

pictures credited here...http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/04/icelands_disruptive_volcano.html


sun stroke...

just found this via Mr. Burst of Beaden. this is what the sun gets up (and down) to in 6 months...

find out how...


play this so loud...

Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire by AnnaVictrola

and dance a little (or a lot)
my life in a nutshell...

if only eh?!



my new website launched today! I made it on Cargo and it's really smoooooth... also, I have a minty fresh new screenprint for sale... Rabbit is 40cm x 30cm, edition of 50 printed on archival 300gsm paper.

have a great Friday!


Mr. Lion screen prints now on Etsy! ... thank you to Vala for her photography help


they will die for us...

happy chocolate rabbits day.

had a nice Easter brunch at Katie's Mum's - polish style with vodka. there was a rabbit infestation - we will have to murder them and hide the evidence in our tummys. we went on a nice walk around the reservoir, the first time for me. we met a dog who was so happy she had hurt the tip of her tail from wagging it too hard. but we didn't meet any frogs.

i am looking forward to more country walking when Robert visits in a couple of weeks. so very eggscited!