gnocc-gnocc-gnocchi on heaven's door

this one's for you Robert...

as promised, Robert and some country walking.
on Wednesday I saw Robert and Richard's childhood home. we ate some terrible cake, conquered Blackford hill like the real men we are, then ate some great cake. we rescued the pumpkin gnocchi recipe Arild sent us from disaster and ate so much our tummy's were full of rocks. we were certain Tesla didn't invent a cloning machine.
on Thursday we made some miracles happen and discovered a real cloning machine. the sun put his hat on and we climbed another hill.
we ate a lot more cake besides. and some japanese curry. and went to the best pub in Edinburgh (or possibly the world) with the ever-awesome Jez and Lizzy. Robert took some fantastic photos. he can take photos of me any time he likes.
mostly the b/w photos are Robert and the colour ones, me.

this is Robert... robertphoenix.co.uk

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