this gem fell into my hands last week thanks to Micah. i can't stress enough how much you are missing out if you don't own this. I think I'm missing out by not having 2 so I can see both sides at once. seriously, go buy it now before it sells out. you'll be thanking me when you too have it in your mits. actually you'll be too busy staring at it's beauty to thank me, but that's ok. go do it!


variation on a theme...

here's something I've been working on, not sure he's 100% there yet but he's close I think. if all goes well I'll start screen printing him tomorrow... I'm crossing things.


a VERY good heart...

I saw the new Dagur Kári film tonight as part of the film festival - a very nice film I highly recommend.


i won!

lucky me! the fox bookmark is my favourite... thank you to the fantastic Thereza Rowe :)



I made a new smaller version of Mr. Lion. for a limited time he is just £10 (roughly) and with FREE postage too!

I have two other offers on right now too... you can get the Rabbit screenprint with the small Mr. Lion print for $30 (roughly £20)plus p+p and I am giving 2 pack of cards with every Oh! Deer gocco.

these offers are running until the 27th June.


Ediburgh Fringe Festival guide cover by Johanna Basford... that's my flatmate at 2min 40s!


Jojo etait mon favori


this is a belated post to tell anyone who doesn't already know about Chris Bettig's show at Analogue Books... if you're in Edinburgh before July 10th be sure to check it out - c'est fantastique! the opening night last week was good fun and got to spend a very fine sunny day with Mr. Bettig with morning after heads - photos of the exhibition and opening on Analogue's flickr

messin' aboot...

i've spent the morning getting to grip with my bamboo pad (there's a sea lion somewhere there) and watching this video (thanks to Mr. Sanderson, my newest proferer of musical treats)...


new hero...

in Brian Skerry. his photographs are truly amazing and this talk about the plight of our oceans has really struck a chord in me. I started eating fish a few years ago after being vegan for 6 years and though I began very conscious about the fish I bought, over time I admit my standards have declined. I feel like I should start paying more attention and start thinking more. thinking = caring.


if you know me you'll know why I like this very much...

i wish it wasn't sold already. darnit.


my May sounded like this...


last friday I saw Washed Out and Small Black in Glasgow. they were great. i got a cool bag.

Washed Out - New Theory by Stiivi
small black - despicable dogs by fraggle_rock