take cover...

i have been listening to Warpaint's 'Exquisite Corpse' over and over. 5 tracks and every one is great.

c'est géniale!...

burn out...

my excellent friend Nicholas sent me this photo of our friend Grozy and me. it's some remote place between Budapest and Zakopane on the return journey of the craziest road trip i've had. i can tell you it involved 4 boys and 1 girl; 4 passports; driving too long in the wrong direction through Slovakia; checkpoint refusal; illegal crossing of 2 borders (one involving a 2 nude boys and a river crossing); a drowned digital SLR (R.I.P.); border police negotiation; a not very impressive photography exhibition in a narrow corridor of some Budapest art school (we could have seen in Brighton anyway); a lot of photography from car windows of eastern European landscape; the most pathetic accident ever, involving a 2 ft wall in a hostel car park and a rental car from Krakow (and subsequent fine); constant succession of arguments, silence and smiles.

Nic says i look like a Scandinavian mistress wizard.

if it hadn't been for this insane trip, i wouldn't have ever made this...


thanks to my favourite Wierdo for this...


swings and roundabouts...

last friday my postman delivered a horrible letter to me. luckily he had the sense to deliver my Atherton Lin calendar the same day and some semblance of balance was restored. the calendar is now half price and i don't think they have many left in their Etsy shop. it's really a beautiful thing, so even if you already have your 2010 covered i recommend it for its pure delight (for me it's calendar #3). here's August...

a nice example from Damon Winter's double exposure project for The NY Times


can i be a drummer...

in Health? seriously - i mean i don't even think they'd notice.

(btw, this is AMAZING. it's recommended to watch full screen and in the dark and loud)

HEALTH _ a live film (paris, 2009) from vincent moon / temporary areas on Vimeo.

art review...

this week my creativity has mostly been directed towards food (which to be honest, probably applies to most weeks). it's all forward planning though for that day (one day) when i open my cafe... some people think salads are boring. they're wrong.

pictured below: spinach and rocket leaves, cherry toms, radish, celery, cucumber, homemade kidney bean houmous (if that can be called houmous), homemade coleslaw (anything grated and/or covered in mayo generally gets my thumbs pointing up), chick pea cous cous, walnut bread, soft-boiled egg, jacket potatoes, tuna mayo... and salt, pepper, olive oil, basil, pine nuts and toasted sunflower seeds to garnish

also, i made this for my niece Mila who became one year old this week... happy birthday beautiful girl!


land and sky...

Miss Lizzy Stewart and Master Christopher Bettig request your company...

opens TONIGHT until the 27th Feb - if you live in Brizzle, or close enough for a little jaunt... all signs point to amazing



to Arild and Joakim, a.k.a. Eriksen + Skajaa, for taking first prize at the Europan Norway award ceremony last night. for those not in the know, Europan is a big deal (12.000 euros worth in fact)

take a look through their portfolio... http://eriksenskajaa.no




i know what typeface i am. maybe now i'll sleep at night.

for all the design geek freaks (yes Jez, you)...http://www.pentagram.com/what-type-are-you/ (the password is 'character')

i am Archer Hairline. i really quite like it...

last friday i watched these 2 films. Departures i saw at the cinema and I don't think there was a dry eye in the audience for most of the film, for laughing and crying equally... a lady in my row alternated between laughing out loud and uncontrollable sobbing. brilliant. Tokyo Sonata is in the same vein as Sabu or Kitano maybe - in it's banality and eventual crazy route to profundity... I really like this kind of film

both left me with the desire to cook more japanese food, get a rice cooker, and collect more crockery



and by want i of course mean need

rings by Anna Kiel

planters and suchlike by Pretty Random Objects

Ellie Goulding - Wish I Stayed by metoooooo



there's been a lot of talk about aid not getting to the people who need it in Haiti. here's a good place to donate if you want to make sure your money is used right... https://secure.avaaz.org/en/stand_with_haiti/



upside down...


wrecking ball...

like Regretsy, but for British architecture.