art review...

this week my creativity has mostly been directed towards food (which to be honest, probably applies to most weeks). it's all forward planning though for that day (one day) when i open my cafe... some people think salads are boring. they're wrong.

pictured below: spinach and rocket leaves, cherry toms, radish, celery, cucumber, homemade kidney bean houmous (if that can be called houmous), homemade coleslaw (anything grated and/or covered in mayo generally gets my thumbs pointing up), chick pea cous cous, walnut bread, soft-boiled egg, jacket potatoes, tuna mayo... and salt, pepper, olive oil, basil, pine nuts and toasted sunflower seeds to garnish

also, i made this for my niece Mila who became one year old this week... happy birthday beautiful girl!

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