burn out...

my excellent friend Nicholas sent me this photo of our friend Grozy and me. it's some remote place between Budapest and Zakopane on the return journey of the craziest road trip i've had. i can tell you it involved 4 boys and 1 girl; 4 passports; driving too long in the wrong direction through Slovakia; checkpoint refusal; illegal crossing of 2 borders (one involving a 2 nude boys and a river crossing); a drowned digital SLR (R.I.P.); border police negotiation; a not very impressive photography exhibition in a narrow corridor of some Budapest art school (we could have seen in Brighton anyway); a lot of photography from car windows of eastern European landscape; the most pathetic accident ever, involving a 2 ft wall in a hostel car park and a rental car from Krakow (and subsequent fine); constant succession of arguments, silence and smiles.

Nic says i look like a Scandinavian mistress wizard.

if it hadn't been for this insane trip, i wouldn't have ever made this...

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