i know what typeface i am. maybe now i'll sleep at night.

for all the design geek freaks (yes Jez, you)...http://www.pentagram.com/what-type-are-you/ (the password is 'character')

i am Archer Hairline. i really quite like it...


  1. Weird, but I often imagine you as a jaded Los Angeles Private Detective and in my mind you were always called Archie Hairline.

  2. Just thought of a brilliant new game...Edward Bottlehands. Think of it as a more fun way to recycle.

  3. i will when you stop using my inbox as a garbage can for your web objet trouvés

  4. and b.t.w. anony-mouse... it's monday. i.e. not the weekend. i.e - you are weak (and i didn't get down the bookies fast enough)

  5. Charming! G-g-g-g-g-garbage can! How dare you!

    And for your information I don't count your blog as the internet: it's more like an exclusive gentlemen's club. Sort of place I come to enjoy a quiet cigar safe in the knowledge that I'll not be disturbed (unless by 'disturbed' you include the worrisome working of your inner consciousness).

    Now: which keys do I press for the sarcasm punctuation mark?