my foray into public speaking! and Jez to boot, that's got to be worth £3 right? especially as it's for a very worthy cause... all proceeds will go to the screenprinting department here: http://www.lakevictoriadisabilitycentre.org.

I've been a bit quiet on here recently but I've been busy over on tumblr if you want to visit me there


at last! here is the result of 3 months toil at the printmakers. I've been wanting to print this for over 3 years and it feels really great to have it done. all in all there were 34 layers to print separately and 32 colours to get juuuuuuuust right. I started working on 100 sheets of paper with the fear I'd end up with an edition of 5 or something but actually it went surprisingly well and despite my over-critical eye I managed to get a final cut of 75.

I'm selling them over at my new shop for £165 +p&p. please note I'm waiting for a delivery of extra wide tubes so there may be a slight delay posting any orders received the next few days. all other prints can still be found on Etsy.


on my way back home...

I'm off home for a wee while but there'll be something very exciting here when I return... soon!

here's the October mix...


a very happy first birthday to Welcome Home! I'm a little late with the wishes but there's still plenty of time left to enter their birthday raffle and win a tasty prize... you can view everything up for grabs on flickr but here's a taster...

Anthony Zinonos...Richard Sanderson...
Lizzy Stewart...
Lindsay Grime...
Jen Collins...
Lesley Barnes...
et moi...


The Lindstrom Effect (and me)...

this is me by Vala of the unstoppable force that is The Lindstrom Effect. I absolutely love it. there's a whole load more including some medium format b/w ones she will make into argyrotypes - made direct from negatives on paper using the sun and some magic... I'm looking forward to see how that turns out. You can view more of their work (and me if you can face it) on their blog.

BUG! it's beautiful no? this wee beetle print also by The Lindstrom Effect is now on sale (cos I told them it should be) and a steal at just £5!


slowly slowly...

catchy monkey.


Josef Schulz's impressive photography projects are varied yet united in their attention to form and colour. there's a strangeness about them that makes you look a little closer and wonder just what's going on... sometimes I felt a little uneasy even... see for yourself -

I have been much enjoying Mice Parade's new album 'What It Means to be Left-Handed'. particularly the song 'Even'. but I couldn't find that to embed so here's another little gem instead called 'Old Hat'...

also! anything ordered from my shop before midnight tomorrow will be postage FREE :)


thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway and gave me some nice things to explore. the winner, chosen this morning by an impartial flatmate with the very techinical method demonstrated above, was Holly! (email me your address miss)

comiserations to the rest of you but here is my September mix a wee bit early as consolation.

Pop Unknown - Perfect in Venice



I give to you...

I am an episode away from finishing BBC series of Brideshead Revisited... it's so perfect I don't mind I haven't read the book first and I admit I am a little bit in love with Jeremy Irons (c. 1981). it made me very happy to discover it has its own fuckyeah tumblr.. oh, Brideshead, jolly good!

I also just finished reading this collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald stories which I also loved (and I therefore conclude I was born in the wrong era and social class.)

a nice monday song.

it seems this blog is no longer just for my own benefit - there's quite a few of you who seem interested in my nonsense - to say thank you I am having my first giveaway. up for grabs is my new Halcyon print and a little Mr. Lion (and maybe some other small bits I might find). to enter just leave a comment telling me about your favourite film or book or music or something else you think it is nice to know about :)

I will choose a winner next monday morning.


no shock, just awe...

I can't think of the words to describe how much I love this. if ever there was a reason why you should never give up what you love doing (even when you're not sure you love it or are even convinced you hate it), this, for me, is it.

I always knew Robert was almost as good at painting as he is at being a friend but it's good to know I'm right.

you can see more of Robert's recent work here, here and here


Felice Varini...

I only recently discovered Felice Varini... how did this happen? for those of you who are also unaware, Varini creates site specific optical images - incredible feats of perspective. I wanted to post everything from his site - it's all awe-inspiring and often very beautiful.

here is a good post about his work with photos showing his amazing process - http://www.newlyswissed.com/?p=998

anything else I should know about?


11 down...

23 to go...


Fortune Teller by Forest Fire

halcyon days...

A halcyon (pronounced /ˈhælsiən/) is a mythical bird—often identified as a kingfisher—said to breed in a floating nest at sea during the winter solstice, during which time it charms the wind and waves into calm.

here's the final result of the re-work (remember this) of an image I originally did for Canon Blue. it is an edition of 100, signed, numbered, archival - all the usual... for a limited time it's only $15 (about £10) +p&p



Verity's August

I didn't have a computer for most of August and mostly listened to Radio 4. but they don't have Radio 4 on spotify so I stole a load of tracks from Arild's mix and found some old stuff. this reminds me of being 14 (almost half my life ago!)...


Marcel the Shell...



right. there's not much I can do about this but have a bit of a rant and let as many people know about this as possible. the bottom image is by Kelly Hyatt at Lagom for their Zootown range of cards. Kelly Hyatt has denied copying me in any way, which I find hard to believe. it seems this isn't the first time he's done this either - http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/?p=1952. I don't see how any self-respecting person could work like ths - but there you have it.

I have asked Lagom to remove the card from sale but as yet this hasn't happened.

UPDATE! I've just read the comments on the YTWWN blog article posted above. it appears Kelly Hyatt posted several comments as different people and there is a comment from 'foxbravo', the same signature on emails I received from a Tony Chambers who apparently commissoned the designs for Lagom (but Kelly Hyatt is the director of Lagom so I'm a bit confused as to who does what where...) what are they playing at? seriously - just don't copy people in the first place and you won't have this hassle.

I've also been threatened with legal action for slander. yeah...
I've been sent screen grabs of google image search of lion illustrations as proof there's a lot of lions that look like mine - I wasn't convinced.
an intimidating email has been sent to someone who left a comment here.
oh, and it was suggested that maybe I copied the lion from someone too.

and another thing... I was going to email the Print and Pattern blog to ask them to remove the image but then remembered Kelly told me he posted his own cards there and bowiestyle (Marie Perkins?) has previously described Kelly Hyatt as a 'design hero of mine', so I figured why bother - I had previously commented on the post of the card range about the lion being copied and it was removed. cahoots?...

and one last thing - everyone is entirely entitled to their opinion regarding this and are free to email whomever they wish HOWEVER I ask people not to send threatening/abusive emails to anyone. ta!

Mr. Lion will keep smiling through :)

29/08/10 I have noticed the card has been removed from sale - FINALLY. I would like to think of this as Kelly Hyatt admitting he has done wrong but unfortunately I think it's more likely he got scared about all the attention he was receiving and thought it easier to back down. admitting fault would require a sincere apology from him, but I won't be holding my breath for that.

although I appreciate that the cards are no longer on sale, the fact remains that even if Kelly HAD admitted fault from the start, I would still have written this post.

the solution to avoid this is simple - don't copy people's work in the first place.

the card is back on sale.

here's my post on youthoughtwewouldntnotice - http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/?p=6914 - feel free to comment


this blog makes me very happy


hello world!

so... my advice to you all is never to drink anything near your computer. EVER! I learnt that computer manufacturers are f*****s - it really should not cost more to replace a new component than to get a whole new machine should it? ANYWAY. I have a new one winging it's way to me and will be back to full computer/internet usage soon (and yes, catching up with Mad Men)... hurra!

In other news, I have been busy printing. 5 colours/animals down on the large version of Congeries (only 29 to go then...) and after a few trials, tribulations and yes, probably some tears, I finally managed to get the Sea Lion finished. it's possible I'll do him again at some point sans l'eau, but for now there's 20 wet ones up for grabs...

all in all there's 6 layers. 50x50cm on 300gsm archival paper. signed, numbered and all that and about £30 +p&p on etsy...

I've become quite stoic about things going wrong for me recently - I realise that compared to a lot of people my life is really pretty wonderful... I'll be donating £5 from the sale of each Sea Lion print (and 10% of all other prints) bought throughout August and September to Pakistan.


Analogue Books have uploaded images from Turn Up the Colour on their flickr where you can see all the work from the show... the bottom image is from Jez's flickr where you can also see a few images from the preview


big thanks to Russell and Julie at Analogue Books for inviting me to be a part of their Turn Up the Colour group show and for doing such a good job! (Russell has mad skills with coloured tape). the show is running now until the end of August and is a must see if you are in / close by / visiting Edinburgh anytime soon. once everybody else has uploaded photos from last night's preview I'll be stealing some and posting them here. soon!

and nearly forgot... my prints are £30 and can be purchased in-store at Analogue or direct from my shop :)



why yello...

coming soon!


on this thursday last year I first saw Edinburgh. I came up for the launch of (the decidely awesome) We Are the Friction at Analogue Books and to stay with Jez and Lizzy who proved to be the finest hosts... so fine that I ended up boarding another train and taking root on their living floor just a couple of weeks later (and they promptly learnt their lesson).

a year later and I'm a fully fledged Edinburgher, a frequent but not permanent feature of the BurrowsStewart residence and a contributer to another show at Analogue, namely this...

I'm honoured to be a part of that myriad and excited to be showing a new print. below is a sneaky taster which is all you're getting until the show previews next Fri. if you are in / close to / visiting Edinburgh on the 30th or at anytime during August, be sure to visit the best book shop there ever was and see a whole host of greatness adorning their freshly painted walls.


Fruit Bats - When U Love Somebody by maria nguyen


I am most definitely making things in shade these days but I promise to be nice and sunny if you visit me on Saturday at the Summertime Hop... I'll be there with the fine company of Lizzy Stewart selling a selection of prints and cards including a new small print of Congeries in green for just £8! and for those who won't be able to make it to the fair it will be in my shop at that price until Sunday evening.



I'm re-working my Canon Blue image for a print. this is the pencil before I go over it all again in pen...