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so... my advice to you all is never to drink anything near your computer. EVER! I learnt that computer manufacturers are f*****s - it really should not cost more to replace a new component than to get a whole new machine should it? ANYWAY. I have a new one winging it's way to me and will be back to full computer/internet usage soon (and yes, catching up with Mad Men)... hurra!

In other news, I have been busy printing. 5 colours/animals down on the large version of Congeries (only 29 to go then...) and after a few trials, tribulations and yes, probably some tears, I finally managed to get the Sea Lion finished. it's possible I'll do him again at some point sans l'eau, but for now there's 20 wet ones up for grabs...

all in all there's 6 layers. 50x50cm on 300gsm archival paper. signed, numbered and all that and about £30 +p&p on etsy...

I've become quite stoic about things going wrong for me recently - I realise that compared to a lot of people my life is really pretty wonderful... I'll be donating £5 from the sale of each Sea Lion print (and 10% of all other prints) bought throughout August and September to Pakistan.

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