right. there's not much I can do about this but have a bit of a rant and let as many people know about this as possible. the bottom image is by Kelly Hyatt at Lagom for their Zootown range of cards. Kelly Hyatt has denied copying me in any way, which I find hard to believe. it seems this isn't the first time he's done this either - http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/?p=1952. I don't see how any self-respecting person could work like ths - but there you have it.

I have asked Lagom to remove the card from sale but as yet this hasn't happened.

UPDATE! I've just read the comments on the YTWWN blog article posted above. it appears Kelly Hyatt posted several comments as different people and there is a comment from 'foxbravo', the same signature on emails I received from a Tony Chambers who apparently commissoned the designs for Lagom (but Kelly Hyatt is the director of Lagom so I'm a bit confused as to who does what where...) what are they playing at? seriously - just don't copy people in the first place and you won't have this hassle.

I've also been threatened with legal action for slander. yeah...
I've been sent screen grabs of google image search of lion illustrations as proof there's a lot of lions that look like mine - I wasn't convinced.
an intimidating email has been sent to someone who left a comment here.
oh, and it was suggested that maybe I copied the lion from someone too.

and another thing... I was going to email the Print and Pattern blog to ask them to remove the image but then remembered Kelly told me he posted his own cards there and bowiestyle (Marie Perkins?) has previously described Kelly Hyatt as a 'design hero of mine', so I figured why bother - I had previously commented on the post of the card range about the lion being copied and it was removed. cahoots?...

and one last thing - everyone is entirely entitled to their opinion regarding this and are free to email whomever they wish HOWEVER I ask people not to send threatening/abusive emails to anyone. ta!

Mr. Lion will keep smiling through :)

29/08/10 I have noticed the card has been removed from sale - FINALLY. I would like to think of this as Kelly Hyatt admitting he has done wrong but unfortunately I think it's more likely he got scared about all the attention he was receiving and thought it easier to back down. admitting fault would require a sincere apology from him, but I won't be holding my breath for that.

although I appreciate that the cards are no longer on sale, the fact remains that even if Kelly HAD admitted fault from the start, I would still have written this post.

the solution to avoid this is simple - don't copy people's work in the first place.

the card is back on sale.

here's my post on youthoughtwewouldntnotice - http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/?p=6914 - feel free to comment


  1. It is so sad. People that do art and illustration should be proud to do creative work, instead to do miserable copy cat.... I can't understand. If this people do not have ideas why continue to do this work???? I do not understand.

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  3. UGH. This sort of madness drives me crazy. If you are creative then create, people! We all go through slumps here and there but there is no way copying is the "sincerest form of flattery" no matter what any cliche says.

  4. It's a horrible feeling to be copied (I know - I've been there) and despite what some people say about it being flattering, it makes you feel sick to the stomach.

    He has definitely copied you - just looked at the youthoughtwewouldntnotice link and it seems to be a habit of his.

  5. Sorry about this - it's criminal. I'll retweet, but don't know how much good that will do.

  6. lame lame lame. :(
    this seemed a little too close for comfort too: http://www.lagomdesign.co.uk/_-Alexander_Girard_145_Greetings_Card-_product/?pid=37068

  7. I see what you mean Jen but in that case Jen it's most certainly the other way round... Alexander Girard is old school. in fact he's been dead since 1993! ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Girard

  8. This makes me so mad. I really can't understand why people have to copy other people's work instead of making their own. Is this "Kelly" person an important person in the company or something? Is there someone higher up that you can go to and tell them of their copying ways?

    If you haven't already, you should write an email to the company outlining what you want done, and by what time (taken off the site, taken out of shops if they are in shops, any money from sales goes to you or a charity, whatever else you want done). Give them 3 days maybe.

    Stress that you are part of a wider creative community, and if they do not comply it will be promoted over many blogs and social media sites that they are a deceitful company and for people not to do business with them.

    Make sure you have screen captures of the products in the shop, and if they stock anywhere else try to get evidence of this too.

  9. I agree with Sarah, any company knowingly hiring someone with a history of this behaviour is opening themselves up for a lawsuit. This 'Kelly' may copy an artist next with a nice large family inheritance to burn. You just never know. Any serious company would drop them like a hot potatoe in order to protect themselves.

  10. I wonder if Lagom Design know or if the designers just putting it forward as their own work. Kelly Hyatt seems to be nothing more than a glorified photocopier, has copied too many people too many times for it to be chance. What I don't understand is way the big companies don't just use the illustrators/designers direct, that way you get great original designs plus a happy creative community spreading the word. Simple right.
    It's not happen to me yet but it makes me feel sick. I will make sure I never buy from Lagom Design and I very much hope they do the right thing by you.

  11. that is so terrible... thats plain stealing right there!

  12. Can't trust a man with a girls name!

  13. I agree with Sarah, do you have any evidence that your image ahs been around longer than his...? I went and looked at theose other images...they are not similar, they are EXACTLY the same...with additions...My god...Kelly is a joke! Keep strong darl....Colleen and us all in NZ are standing with you...If we can help spread this around, let me all know ok...xx

  14. Don't be scared by any 'slander' accusations - as far as I know (and I don't know much, I suppose), lawyers basically say that it isn't worth the effort to go chasing bloggers around.

    If you go to jail, I didn't say this.

    Seriously though, this stinks up the joint. I'll try to spread the word a little on my blog when I get the chance.

  15. really sorry all this is happening to you. the fact is that copycats will always deny it because they have no principles, morals or the creativity for that matter to come up with anything better (like honesty, an apology)... i pity the fools. but i do understand how infuriating this can be. hang in there.
    my mr. lyon is on the waiting list for the nicest frame i can find for him. i'm proud to say i own an original which came as a gift from (you) the artist who created it in the first place.
    isn't it amazing how the copy always look so tacky and carries no emotion? looks like 'just a cheap copy'...

  16. That sucks

    I'm sorry for Mr Lion! He now has an evil twin ;)

    Being inspired is one thing and ripping people off completely and making money is another!

    Kia Kaha ~ stay strong ~ fight the good fight :)


  17. I know you dont know me but i've just posted this at sarah's blog. I'm sending it to you so you can tell your friends another possible way to take action


    I have writtten to Lagom's service prodiver, because posting copyright material of other people's work is usually against the terms and conditions of most ISPs.
    http://www.fasthosts.co.uk is the service provider and you can email them at misuse@fasthosts.co.uk or enquiries@fasthosts.co.uk I think i used the later but the former would be best. The more people who write the more likely they'll consider it serious. It opens them up to legal action too so they can protect themselves by denying service to their customer.

  18. thanks everyone! I only just saw all these comments after I turned moderation on - doh!

    the way I see things right now is that what I / Sarah and all of you guys are doing is probably more effective than any lawsuit (which we all know is not ever going to happen). maybe it's not justice but it is showing Kelly Hyatt as the lying, underhand, intimidating, cheating, shameless man he is and all this is on the internet for good - whever Kelly Hyatt or Lagom are googled this will remain.

    in my opinion his behaviour is that of someone who is guilty and scared for his and his company's reputation because he knows how bad it looks. threatening me was the desperate action of a desperate man.

    anyone who wants to blog about this - feel free - even if you just want to link back to my post - but I would stress that it's best to keep a calm clear head - say what you think but don't sensationalise it - the facts speak for themselves.

    also - I don't think everyone gets that Kelly Hyatt is creative director of Lagom - so IS Lagom really. and also of http://www.beaumonde-cards.com

    thanks for the tip Lushr - I might just do that.

    there is plenty of evidence online of Mr. Lion for months previously, he was on 'it's nice that' even, but that hasn't been questioned.

    Mr. Lion is the first thing I see when I wake each morning and he still makes me smile, despite all this.

  19. Carrie - I deleted your post in the brief period I let intimidation get the better of me - but you were absolutely right (in my humble opinion)

  20. yours its still better and cuter!