last year I watched Ken Robinson's talk about schools killing creativity which definitely struck a chord with me and my own frustrations about education. I just watched his recent follow up talk on a similiar theme - about how education needs to shift to recognise and nurture individual talents. here they both are...



...because I know I have friends who will be much more impressed with these than those cats are.




this (very sunny) morning I got the most amazing post from Sarah McNeil. thank you! Sarah is one of my favourite illustrators - everything she makes so beautiful. my top choices are the Husky print shown above and these knitted acorn pouches which are simply perfect...

brush work...

found via Robert



I was having a bit of a bad morning and then I got this package from the wonderful Francesca Bunny Williams. I'm not sure what I did to deserve it and it made me happy and sad all in one because I miss my friends that are far away.

if there's anyone living north of the border who's good at dress alterations please get in touch! :)


I've been getting some old films developed. this is Alfie. he's the closest I've ever come to having my own dog and I miss him. Alfie's talents include getting people to give him treats - he has the 'woe is me' look nailed. he likes to chew the faces off his toys - rips the eyes out and leaves a trail of stuffing all over the floor. if he hasn't seen you in a while he gets so excited he pees a little.


this Saturday!

I'm going to be representing Lizzy and selling a few things myself. plus I get the fine company of Miss Lindsay Grime for the day, who'll also be selling her wares. brilliant. hope to see you there!



on Sunday, Lizzy and I put up this window display for Coco of Bruntsfield (my local/best in the world chocolate shop)... taking their Tattoo themed chocolate box as our inspiration we went all 1920's tattoo crazy. Lizzy made Claude (the most dashing tattooed man I've ever known) and I had an altercation with a swallow - we slept on it, reached an understanding in the morning and all became good...

p.s. working for a chocolate shop pays good dividends!
p.p.s seriously. BEST chocolate shop!
p.p.p.s. thanks to Kirsten for inviting us :)


with a tip from Present and Correct and a lack of self-control I bought this book on impulse. I made a good choice!

and I was so grateful this week to get great surprise post from these 2 talented ladies...

Jacqueline McCullough

and Julia Pott


a reminder that I'm offering my blog readers a free Oh! Deer gocco with every Mr. Lion print until Friday... just add a note saying Oh! Deer when you order : )


here's my Spotify profile. please excuse all the Sara Bareilles, she was my singing homework last week... this week it's Feist though. that's better.

found via http://vintageforkids.blogspot.com/

until Friday I'm giving a free Oh! Deer gooco with every Mr. Lion print sold in my Etsy shop... you'll need to add a note with your order saying 'Oh! Deer' (or something along those lines) to get it though


another life ambition...

if BP stops fucking things up
ce soir!

there's a People of Print exhibition opening in Paris and somehow I snuck in at the last minute... the opening is tonight! so if you are a Parisian or are lucky to be there right now you might like to head over to Montmatre later and look at some art - there's seems to be some pretty great stuff ... find out more about it here iamperdu.blogspot.com and on the Book or read this...

6-16 Mai
TPTP - 20 Rue Muller - 75018
Metro Chateau Rouge / Anvers / Abesses

Ouvert tous les jours sauf lundi 12h00 - 17h30

Vernissage jeudi 6 18h30 - 22h00


here comes the summer...

here's my 'new' 'studio' (/bedroom)... you might think it looks suspiciously similiar to my old one and you'd be quite right. BUT! look at the glowing new desk top and drawers. drawers are useful things eh? though it might help if I could remember what I put in each one... this new set-up has made a huge difference to my frame of mind and I'm sensing a new era of creativity around the corner... in fact I can just see it's nose poking out :)

pictured are...
- Sacré-Cœur print - my new Lizzy Stewart acquisition and the bird further down is her too
- Norge print by Gavin Potenza
- my Charley Harper calendar
- deer screen print by the super talented Sally Hancox who incidentally is flying to San Francisco today (jealous? yeah, me too!)


ok, so the last post was maybe a little premature as it didn't actually take long to sort out and it's all working fine now. hoorah!

here are the things I'd like to share today...

not too long ago I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Kirkham and Vivien McDermid, who were then working on a video for Benni Hemm Hemm's track Retaliate. well, I just found out via Lizzy that it's finished and I think it's really rather nice...

and I adore Vivien's illustrated short story which won her the Observer/Cape graphic short story prize last year.

Michael has some really nice images too, including this one which I love...

and finally, just so we're clear, this dress by Wiksten is beautiful and I would look great in it...

a new theory (or why my website is broken)...

due to the incompetence of Streamline.net my website is temporarily dissappeared... having a few problems with domains and dns and other things I don't fully understand but I'm working on it and as far as I can tell, thanks to the nice people at 123reg.co.uk, it will be back up very soon!

in the meantime...

Washed Out - New Theory by Stiivi



Verity's April was musically stunted so any music suggestions would be much appreciated...

I am mostly excited these days by the new Radio Dept., Jónsi, the Doctor Dog track 'Unbearable Why' and also the new Delorean which you may enjoy if you have a penchant for Animal Collective, The Go! Team or JJ...

happy May!