here comes the summer...

here's my 'new' 'studio' (/bedroom)... you might think it looks suspiciously similiar to my old one and you'd be quite right. BUT! look at the glowing new desk top and drawers. drawers are useful things eh? though it might help if I could remember what I put in each one... this new set-up has made a huge difference to my frame of mind and I'm sensing a new era of creativity around the corner... in fact I can just see it's nose poking out :)

pictured are...
- Sacré-Cœur print - my new Lizzy Stewart acquisition and the bird further down is her too
- Norge print by Gavin Potenza
- my Charley Harper calendar
- deer screen print by the super talented Sally Hancox who incidentally is flying to San Francisco today (jealous? yeah, me too!)


  1. i love fresh new desk spaces, yours is looking lovely. also a big fan of slanted roofs, despite numerous head-bumps in the past, can't hold a grudge against them.
    can't wait to see what your new space brings!

  2. yes, I have discovered I have a pretty tough skull.. hehe... I can't wait either!