on this thursday last year I first saw Edinburgh. I came up for the launch of (the decidely awesome) We Are the Friction at Analogue Books and to stay with Jez and Lizzy who proved to be the finest hosts... so fine that I ended up boarding another train and taking root on their living floor just a couple of weeks later (and they promptly learnt their lesson).

a year later and I'm a fully fledged Edinburgher, a frequent but not permanent feature of the BurrowsStewart residence and a contributer to another show at Analogue, namely this...

I'm honoured to be a part of that myriad and excited to be showing a new print. below is a sneaky taster which is all you're getting until the show previews next Fri. if you are in / close to / visiting Edinburgh on the 30th or at anytime during August, be sure to visit the best book shop there ever was and see a whole host of greatness adorning their freshly painted walls.

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