The Lindstrom Effect (and me)...

this is me by Vala of the unstoppable force that is The Lindstrom Effect. I absolutely love it. there's a whole load more including some medium format b/w ones she will make into argyrotypes - made direct from negatives on paper using the sun and some magic... I'm looking forward to see how that turns out. You can view more of their work (and me if you can face it) on their blog.

BUG! it's beautiful no? this wee beetle print also by The Lindstrom Effect is now on sale (cos I told them it should be) and a steal at just £5!


  1. beautiful portrait! lovely verity.

  2. i got one of these when i did a stall at the fruitmarket gallery. an absolute steal for a fiver, and a very nice man too (the fella who sold it to me, cant remember if it was his work)

  3. yep, that would've been Iain. they've been drawing more bugs too :)