I give to you...

I am an episode away from finishing BBC series of Brideshead Revisited... it's so perfect I don't mind I haven't read the book first and I admit I am a little bit in love with Jeremy Irons (c. 1981). it made me very happy to discover it has its own fuckyeah tumblr.. oh, Brideshead, jolly good!

I also just finished reading this collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald stories which I also loved (and I therefore conclude I was born in the wrong era and social class.)

a nice monday song.

it seems this blog is no longer just for my own benefit - there's quite a few of you who seem interested in my nonsense - to say thank you I am having my first giveaway. up for grabs is my new Halcyon print and a little Mr. Lion (and maybe some other small bits I might find). to enter just leave a comment telling me about your favourite film or book or music or something else you think it is nice to know about :)

I will choose a winner next monday morning.


  1. I just finished a beautiful book called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and I would also love to recommend The Irrisistible Inheritance of Wilberforce by Paul Torday- which was awesome. Saw one of your prints in a shop in Sunset Junction this summer, really nice work mate!

  2. hi verity. i love your prints, would be proud to have one on my wall! i first heard this on radio magnetic a few years ago and listened to it all the time for a while http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aL0lVS9oAY

  3. OHH I love the lion!! I recommend bands like The drums and Vampire Weekend...
    Right now I'm reading "The solitude of prime numbers" (I don't know if this is the correct translation), a book by Paolo Giordano, an italian writer.. but i have not finished yet.
    sorry for my bad english.... I cross my fingers....
    have a nice day! Stefania

  4. love the prints- the rabbit and monkey especially. i am in the process of reading 'lit- a memoir' so far so good.

  5. i'm reading a crimethinc zine-turned-book called offthemap about two girls hitch hiking europe with no money and no plans but dreams falling out of their pockets... but you may already know about this gem. if not, i'll post it from sweden when i'm done. x

  6. I want to recommend the argentinian film "The Holy Girl". Look it up and send me the lion.

  7. I saw a short film called I am Slave on channel 4 the other day. I cried for most of it. I would definitely recommend it x

  8. snow flower and the secret fan is an awsome book, I finished that a few weeks ago and hve just finished the last concubiine, beautiful book! amazing imagery, it honestly transported me back to china and made me believe i was walking through the pavillions hundreds of years ago! :)I wan tto read the embers of heavan next! xxx

  9. I just read "Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photos" by John Berger. It was crushingly beautiful. The artist David Horvitz is currently doing a project based on it.

  10. Read, Stoner by John Williams
    Watch, A Very Long Engagement
    Listen to, anything by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, particularly Maps

    I love the lion print!

  11. nice work, really like the blog.

    Have linked you form my new blog