about Lizzy...

i'm not going to go into it all (just google Samantha Beeston if you like). instead i want to give Lizzy some attention. so this is just about her - ABOUT TODAY

the last image is availble to buy as a pretty stupendous screen print here

IMPORTANT MESSAGE - you didn't draw these, Lizzy Stewart did, so don't even think about it... we've got big hairy friends with teeth and claws and we're not afraid to use 'em


  1. Here at the gallery we refer to it as 'doing a beeston' which is why i'm confused by you showing these lizzy stewart works as she's often described as having 'done a beeston' on Julia Potts.

    That said, i like her take on Julia's style. Clearly she's not literally copied exactly the way Samantha Beeston did, rather the subject matter and all the drawing and painting styles are near identical, even down to the coloured lines eminating from things in watercolour. All that separates them is a lack of text as seen in Julia's work.

    Given that she's making money from it we thought she'd be a tad embarrassed to complain about Beeston.

  2. Firstly 'Anonymous', if you're going to accuse people of such things you should have the guts to leave your name. You cannot throw around such strong sentiments and not have the conviction to stick your name to it.

    Perhaps you were the person who recently a asked a similar question of julia " Did Nigel Peake and Lizzy Stewart rip you off?

    no absolutely not!! They are both incredible artists. I hugely admire Nigel Peake's work and just bought one of his books over the weekend. Lizzy Stewart is a great friend of mine and much of her work adorns my walls. They've both been working as long as I have, and they are incredibly talented illustrators (more talented than me I think!)"

    Anyhow in response- I have never copied julia...i only became aware of her work last year (as a post on my blog will attest). she has a truly unique style and i fail to see it within my own work. We cover a similar subject matter however that is true of many of the illustrators working today and i think we both go about it in totally different ways. If you could highlight what you believe to be copied that would be helpful.

    As for Ms Beeston. She stole. She traced, reproduced and reprinted with a flagrant disregard for the original artists. To suggest that I have done the same thing is not only hurtful and vindictive but libelous. Perhaps you and your 'gallery' should think longer and harder about throwing around such statements without fully considering the implications.

  3. wait...seriously...i just want to clarify...my work http://www.abouttoday.co.uk/ and julia's work http://www.flickr.com/photos/juliapott/ I HAVE LITERALLY NO IDEA WHERE YOU'VE GOTTEN THIS NOTION FROM!

  4. As Lizzy has quoted above I am under no impression that she is copying my work. Her work is completely beautiful and ace in it's own right and perhaps we have similar interests but that's as far as it goes. Samantha Beeston is a totally different story and there are so many other people who are taking serious liberties when it comes to copying other people's work. Lizzy is one of the best illustrator's around and she has every right to feel upset by this comment. I greatly admire her work.

  5. nothing to add 'Anonymous'? maybe you should have kept you mouth shut to begin with. I would like to thank you though as without all this nonsense I wouldn't have a new friend called Julia Pott.

    Lizzy and Julia, you are both (individually) awesome