soul survivor?...

lured by the Fjall Raven bags (i still want/need one) strategically placed in the window (clever tactics) i discovered what is now my favourite (clothes/shoes/accessories) shop in Edinburgh... those of you not currently residing in the Scottish capital, or constituting part of the increasingly annoying festival barrage, can browse their numerous, tempting goods online, from the comfort of your own home, cup'o'tea in hand...


admittedly this blog is (in part) a shameless ploy to whip up the winds of fate/karma in my direction and get me a job in this shop - please! - before i end up selling tents in Millets, or worse still, handing another portion of my soul over to Habitat and so i can afford to buy warm things for the cold seasons, like this hat by Folk...


  1. we could club together and buy the hat and have dual ownership. it would mean that only one of us could go outside at a time during winter though. i think its worth it. such a beautiful hat.

    p.s dear goodstead. please employ verity.

  2. If you're reduced to doing consumer reports on Edinburgh's retail emporia please check out the new Fidra Bookshop on Bruntsfield Place for me. Opens on Saturday adjacent to their existing, award-winning Children's outlet.

    Nice bag.

    Add the Laz to the goodstead petition.

    It's free, right?