home sweet home...

look lizzy (and everyone else) here are MY new views. from the giant living room window you can see the sea (looking at the photo, you're gonna have to trust me) and at night you can see the lights of Fife across the water. i'm not sure if it beats yours, but it definitely comes close

i saw (500) days of summer last night and today i have listened to the OST endlessly (except for The Smiths tracks i cannae stand) and discovered The Temper Trap...

if it's possible, i love Zooey even more. anyone who wants to buy me some new clothes/dresses, please feel free. or if you prefer, this from Kigu (i would look great inside it)


  1. thats a very nice view. good job.

    i would also like a giraffe suit please.

  2. i would like a bat and an otter. 2 month til xmas!hhhhmmmm