ok! these have been a looooooong time coming, but thanks to the patience of Martin at Cut-Tec - that man is most certainly an angel in disguise - here is the unveiling of my latest creation (fanfare if you wish)...

it's a badge! (/brooch)... they are listed as my first, and so far only item on my new Etsy shop*

*in creating said shop i had my bank card freezed for fraud and my mum had a heart attack when the automaton from 'Santander' (got to get used to that) called her house... i know my mum saw visions of her baby girl in prison, or living in exile, or maybe she thought i had knocked up some crazy scheme to pay her back all i owe (in which case she was kind of right, except the scheme is wooden lion badges, not bank fraud - not sure which would make her prouder really...)


  1. hopefully we can help you and your mum by buying them then! :) great work.

    sorry i haven't been in touch. I'm a loser.YOU are a WINNER!!
    love and kisses