the start of something beautiful...

inspired by Sandra Juto and her beautiful creations, i have got the knitting bug once again and i think this time it's here to stay :) I met with the wonderful Vala yesterday for knit fika at our favourite cafe and i made a good start on a neck warmer from one of Vala's own patterns. blue + stripes of course!

last night i stitched 5 rows on the wrong side = ugh. but determined to get it right i (very very) patiently unstitched every one. right now i'm about half done and am quite proud of myself!...

also quite proud of my virgin harvest...


  1. That's looking great, both the knitting and the sprouting

  2. thanks! the knitting is washed and drying and looks lovely! so happy with it :)

    round two = knitted shawl + aduki sprouts