the thunder and rain outside is an underline to the fact our heatwave is officially gone. i'm happy i worked hard on my tan whilst i had the chance. plus i can always top it up in L.A... this is still currently the plan. i'll maybe even book flights this week...!

i have done it again. too much to catch up on but i'll do my best. the past week i have been busy with Arild, art and architecture. and whilst we are on the subject of A, i have also entertained my love of vegetables beginning with A - asparagus, avocado (yes, probably a fruit)... unfortunately the artichoke search was a failure...

last thursday i met up with Robert for a day of art/free beer... in my not so expert opinion, Per Kirkeby at the Tate Modern was not quite worth the exhibition space, or the £9 it cost me. i feel i was tricked into imagining a entirely different experience - the few paintings of his i'd seen previously were really the only ones i liked there. the aesthetic of most of the rest of his work did not appeal to me and all in all his work seemed to lack direction and progression... more like studies towards something greater never reached. still here are some i did enjoy...

and here are two contrasting reviews from The Guardian... here and here

after the Tate we headed to the NPG to see Francis Alÿs's Fabiola exhibition. this time i'll keep it short. it was BRILLIANT. on until the 20th September, so plenty of time still

highlights of the rest of the night included free Asahi provided by 12 yr boys, the awe-inspiring collage art of Brian Adam Douglas (see image below), and meeting Emily and Matt (aka Emily Forgot and Hellovon) not realising who they were at first. duh! i am a huge fan of Hellovon and though i was aware of Emily's work , i hadn't looked at her website for a long time... there's some amazing work there. an inspiring pair, and very nice people (thanks Matt for the beer!)

(the herringbone is collage too!)

i finished the night at the Brighton GDI09 graduate show at The Rag Factory off Brick Lane. a very good show in a very nice space. i really should have posted about it earlier as they are probably taking down the show as i type. but you can still explore the talent here... GDI09.co.uk

ok. having already spent more than an hour wirting this post, i'm going to leave the rest until tomorrow... but before I go let me return to Robert.

Robert Phoenix is the kind of person that makes you wonder what you would do if you didn't know people like him... he is a talented artist and yeasayer and good friend. i admire him for the brave choices he recently made to progress his painting, and they seem to be working out. and if this wasn't enough, he also runs failedrockstar.org, an online collection of his own interviews with artists

check Robert out...
his painting, his blog, failedrockstar.org

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