wie is?...

following my blog in Amsterdam?


  1. Lay off Jarvis AND Geography Teachers!

    Youth IS wasted on the young

    name and address withheld

  2. and there was me thinking I was about to find out who is following my blog in Amsterdam. I'm starting to think there isn't actually anyone there.

  3. hey Verity,
    i am actually not in amsterdam but it is NL. i don't know if i have anything to do with your question...but still: i am visiting your blog sometimes. i am a friend of Arild. he often told me to check out your blog about nice music or graphics.
    we worked together in Oslo - suppose that tells you i'm an architect too. sadly enough i am not consistent enough to have a blog myself. started several ones - but nothing presentable. you can check out our website: P-EN-M.com ....
    so i hope it's OK that i get inspiration from your blog. maybe i succeed in giving something back some time. take care. Nora

  4. hi Nora, of course it's OK! that's what it's for after all and i'm happy that's it's keeping your interest... sometimes i wonder who would want to read my blog, it seems a bit self-indulgent sometimes... Arild has certainly mentioned you before, so your name is familiar. Arild actually just visited me in Brighton this weekend gone, before he jetted off to Marrakesh. lucky him!

    thank you for showing your work. I find Architecture very interesting, if often a bit beyond my comprehension! thanks for writing and keep looking :)