Aurelia, deer...

re your post... they are progessing exactly as I imagined they would... you can imagine how mine are (not) progressing... BUT I did make a picture today (happy birthday Jo) - YAY ME!

keep me posted, as I will you. and oh... love yoo!


  1. I really like this (Au reli a like this, sometimes my mind is wasted on inanity when it should be making much more profound artistic inspirations) But I do think this is super. Definitely better than running! How're the legs? x

  2. very astute robert - like what you did there ;) ...though it looks about 79% better in photographic representation, i think it has future potential. i came close to ripping it up, but realised my friend would like it and that she was more important than my stupid worrying... the legs are recovered, but the image that caused the initial fury i now have to start/finish tomorrow, so another run may be necessary (or maybe i'll pound my pillows) xx (p.s. i presumed you were talking about the balloon and not the collaborative project which will be nice also)