dry your eyes...

apologies for the lack of posting these past weeks... the dark turn in Home and Away has just been too darn exciting... other happenings include prostituting myself to the corporate world, self-indulgent Atlantans, html immersion, over exposure to household cleaning product fumes... plus the usual toddler related excursions

i've reclaimed my thursdays from Habitat (the 6 hrs remaining a week is plenty soul depreciation) in the hope i will find increased impetus to attend to my ever-lacking creative endeavours... time (and this blog) will tell...

ok, now for something of real interest, i.e. not involving me... Aurelia Lange commands my respect, not only for being one of the most beautiful, inspiring friends you could wish to find... to that you can add her ability to create amazing illustration over and over again and her ceaseless hard work and determination... i mean, with a few good friends, she has recently set up a design studio! i am simultaneously astounded and unsurprised - if anyone could do this, it's Aurelia Lange


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