experiment #1

- beg/steal/borrow some rene aubry
- transfer to a portable music device
- go walking in the sun with said protable device playing said music

René Aubry - Plaisirs Damour - 01 - Salento 1.mp3 -

so... i've had this track for a while and played it to death... but still it lives on. i recently got my little mits on the album it's from (thanks Arild) and it's made me a very happy lady. i'm sure the experiment works equally well in other weather conditions too... yes! you're most welcome.

what the hey, have another...

Rene Aubry - Georges Brassens - Le vent.mp3 - Rene Aubry

(ok, so there's only 30 secs of each track... click the link for the full tracks)

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