what comes in threes?

good things is what...

one... i have completed Sally's website. both her and I are pretty darn amazing (i think you'll all agree), so reward us by looking here... sallyhancoxdotcodotuk

two... oh Chloe, oh my, oh... me!

Chloe got damn skills... view her flickr here! and the cat is Maki's neighbour Totoro - he's one cool cat.

three... my friend Karl is probably surrounded by middle-aged bespectacled rockers right now, whilst he waits for Devo to come on stage. this is good for him. but what's GREAT for me is that Karl comes to Brighton to see me tomorrow for a couple of days. we will mostly be buying vegetarian shoes and utilising the abundance of eating establishments catering to the vegan populous. well up for some of that.

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